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Woodmoor md

Maryland Friday, January 5, , at It was gliding on a wind current just above the tree line behind my home on Newbury Road in Damascus, Maryland. The head and tail were bright white. It remained in a tree a few minutes before flying deeper into the park: Both appear to be adults as they are fairly large and have full BE markings. On September 24th the eagles circled the parking lot as they worked their way south toward Galesville. On October 1st they didn't circle as long and departed west toward Davidsonville. Prior to this sighting I've only seen bald eagles twice in my lifetime. Once on Cape Breton in Canada when I was a kid and once while piloting a Cessna over the eastern shore at about 7, feet. An amazing sight to see. Thank you for this site, I hope to see the eagles again this weekend. Robert Altman Edgewater, MD. He was circling above my house and flew over the tree line! I was able to run back in the house and grab binoculars to get a better look before he flew off toward town. It was flying eastward along University, and then came to rest high in a tree in Breewood Park, near the road. Rita Valentino wrote the following: Couldn't believe and then I saw a runner on the trail stop in disbelief like me. Maybe it is a sign that we are going to be OK. Art Blanda wrote the following: Saw Bald Eagle in my back yard feeding on something. John McKisson wrote the following: Sitting in a tree, white head, white tail, approximately 20 inches tall. Ann Smith wrote the following: Just watched a mature bald eagle land on a tree next to , in Greenbelt MD on Jan 8, Full white head with white tail. Mike Whittington wrote the following: Somia Gupte wrote the following: I spotted a bald eagle in Germantown, Maryland perched on a tree on the side of the road. It's January and very cold here so I am not sure if this is normal. Fran O'Day wrote the following: Very exciting Amber Smith wrote the following: I was driving past the valley mall in Hagerstown MD. And flying above the small patch of woods near by, was a beautiful bald eagle. He just kept flying in circles above all of the trees. I have never seen a bald eagle in the wild before so it was a pretty amazing sight! Bernard Aymold wrote the following: I sighted a large bald eagle in Montgomery County Maryland. Anil Nerurkar wrote the following: Suddenly two bald eagles flew up out of the trees to our right, then chased each other across the road and into the trees on the other side, turning and sparring in the air. Both were mature birds with bright white heads and tails. What an amazing sight! We were at about mile marker Judy Murphy wrote the following: It was about 9: The bird flew over our driveway, across the front yard and out over the valley heading towards Pennsylvania. It was a mature bird with white head and tail. Val Corkran wrote the following: Saw two bald eagles feasting on a deer carcass on Rossback Road in Davidsonville. I got a great picture with my phone. Nothing quite like it! Chris Hussey wrote the following: Dec 18, 4: It was flying low and was right above me for a few moments and then off to my right for a few seconds. Spotted a bald eagle in my front yard today in Eldersburg MD. Freedom Green wrote the following: There was another large bird sitting on the tree right next to the Eagle. It looked to be the same size, but did not have the white head. I truly was blown at the beauty of the Bald Eagle. K Regan wrote the following: Along Henson Creek trail in temple hills md. Trail is closed for water main work underneath but less frequent pedestrian traffic has created seclusion for the one I saw on Dec 7, Kathy Rogers wrote the following: I am delighted to find your site. I, too, thought is was crazy but I saw a beautiful, big bald eagle swoop down and grab a squirrel off a neighbors lawn in Catonsville. Very close i could see its white head and white britches. It was the coolest thing I have ever seen in the neighborhood! Thank you for this forum to keep track of other peoples' observations Bob Treadaway wrote the following: My wife and daughter were traveling with me westbound on Route from the Glen Burnie area. At the junction of Route 97 where the southbound entrance ramp starts, there was a mature eagle in the right lane on the roadway. It did not seem to be near prey and was walking. From a distance I thought I was looking at a turkey buzzard until it turned to face me and I could distinguish the white head and features. I passed by on the left and kept going. This was around Even now, I can't help but wonder whether it might have gotten hit by a car from behind me after I left. Charles Adams wrote the following: The magnificent bird landed in a dead tree at the edge of a field about yards away. Dennis Peaton wrote the following: Beautiful ryan accord a wrote the following: I observed them gliding in loose circles chirping with each other. White heads and white tails made me grab the binoculars. I only saw them for a few minutes before they went over the mountain towards Middletown Md. This was my first time seeing bald eagles in the wild. I can't believe there were so many Just saw a bald eagle fly over - was in Towson, MD at corner of E. This is near Loch Raven Reservoir. Ann Maddox robin cameron wrote the following: Connie Aymold wrote the following: We live in Catonsville,Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore. We sighted a bald eagle flying into the woods behind our home. This area adjourns a state park. We saw him on Saturday, Oct 31, Licia Routson wrote the following: My husband and I just saw a bald eagle that was flying over , near the Rio exit in Gaithersburg, MD. We were driving and saw it flying near the treetops on the edge of the road. Dan Leahy wrote the following: Linda Kling wrote the following: We can still see her hovering in the distance over route 50 in Bowie Md. Heather Fitzgerald wrote the following: Sunday morning on October 04, I looked out the sliding door at the dinning room and saw an adult eagle. I went to get my camera to take pictures but only got a few of it flying away. Thinking I missed a great photo-op we went on with our morning. About 45 minutes later 2 big brown and white spotted birds were in the same spot. Woodmoor md

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  1. So I grab my phone to take a picture, sneak around the other side of my neighbors house, and when I turn the corner to get a view, there were 4 bald eagles in the same tree. It was a mature bird with white head and tail.

  2. I was heading east on River Road towards Kenilworth Ave. We normally have Ospreys in the area but this was a bald eagle. Tim Stott I live in Crofton, Maryland.

  3. Val Corkran wrote the following: Tom Casey I am fairly sure I just saw bald eagle flying at 2nd story height that must have been spooked by a helicopter that is circling to view the damage left buy a house fire last night in Roland Park North. I saw his white head and tail and was in awe that it was a bald eagle!

  4. I'm glad there have been other sightings nearby so I know I wasn't crazy. The first was at 8: Jared Slender wrote the following:

  5. Jan Miller I'm pretty sure I see one or two eagles on the electrical towers on the north side of the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Thruway mostly every weekday around 4:

  6. Teresa Mulligan Hagerstown MD. I spotted a bald eagle in Germantown, Maryland perched on a tree on the side of the road. I wanted to grab my camera but it was not close by and I didn't want to miss a thing.

  7. It was standing next to a possum that we believe it recently killed. It was a mature bird with white head and tail. Thank you for this site, I hope to see the eagles again this weekend.

  8. The Pair were sighted flying over Cedar Rd. I do not know if this second bird was an eagle young or some other type of large bird.

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