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Welcome to American Girl Playthings! Meg and Johanna have been American Girl collectors for many years. Both of us enjoy sharing our collections with girls and collectors of all ages. Years ago Meg created her Guide to the 18 inch dolls. In February or Johanna created Playthings to house all of the other AG product line information. It seemed a natural fit for Meg's Guide and Playthings to combine. In August of we did that. We want to thank all of our fellow collectors for their information and knowledge! Information for this site was painstakingly gathered and reviewed by collectors. Many a catalog was dug out from under a bed or in a closet so that research could be double and triple checked. Sometimes mistakes can happen. If you find there is something we have missed please let us know by contacting us through our forum. For 20 years American Girl has been offering a wide range of products for girls to enjoy. This site provides information about most of the retired product lines: We hope it will be a wonderful resource to collectors and American girls of all ages. This American Girl Collector Guide has been designed to help collectors keep track of and identify items in their American Girl Doll collection. On this website we have included a brief history of Pleasant Company now American Girl which outlines release dates for the dolls, store openings, etc. There is also a page dedicated to each of the historical dolls with original catalog descriptions and original stock photography when possible. With both the historical and girls of today we have included approximate dates for when items were retired. Most items are no longer available by American Girl catalog or from the American Girl online store. Where the items are still available, a link has been provided direct to the AG online store. We are excited to have you as our guest, and hope you enjoy your visit here, finding this guide helpful as you continue to collect American Girl products and dolls. Together with American Girl, we will have many more years and great products to enjoy! Yeah, I really make my own backgrounds and graphics. I have used AG stock imaging because it provides the clearest view of the products that were sold. I have used those to create my own graphics and such. I think loosing the graphics and advertising is just as sad as loosing the information on product. No the star background isn't theirs. I made it myself. No I don't OWN all this stuff either. I know plenty of people who do. But look at all the cool stuff they have produced! It's all just a great way to reference the information. Would you like to write complaints about the site and how I am promoting the sale of products by a rotten company? How they are evil and need to be stopped? All information will be kept confidential and no employees or dolls are harmed in the actual making of this site. Site owned and maintained by Johanna with JN Consulting. Techno girl

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  3. No I don't OWN all this stuff either. The first day started with a fight, but unfortunately it was a fight of frontal wind against the usual sea breeze that appears here normally. In closing I can only quote from this girl:

  4. I have used those to create my own graphics and such. Most items are no longer available by American Girl catalog or from the American Girl online store. No the star background isn't theirs.

  5. Despite gusty conditions sailing went according to plan and we were able to conduct 4 races for the Gold Men and Women fleets. The first Love Parade in Caracas was held in June and gathered over 25, people.

  6. Here is how she commented on racing on the M course Yeah, I really make my own backgrounds and graphics.

  7. Where the items are still available, a link has been provided direct to the AG online store.

  8. They charted at numbers four and thirty on the Gaon Digital Chart, respectively. In closing I can only quote from this girl: Yoona was cast the following year through the S.

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