Most popular chinese takeaway meals. Britain’s top 10 takeaway dishes.

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Top 10 Popular American Asian Foods

Most popular chinese takeaway meals

In fact, authentic Chinese food almost looks nothing like American Chinese food. It varies tremendously by region: Sichuan cuisine is spicy, Shangdong cuisine is generally salty and crispy, and Cantonese cuisine is sweet, for example. Here are eight real Chinese dishes you should order instead of the American knock-offs. These Shanghai dumplings are filled with meat—usually pork or crab—and a rich savory broth that oozes out at the first bite. There's a trick to successfully eating one of these dumplings: Then eat the dumpling and slurp up the broth. Instead of egg rolls, order cong you bing scallion pancakes: Shutterstock American-style egg rolls are thick, bloated, deep-fried rolls of dough filled with meat and vegetables. Biting into one can be a greasy, daunting, and messy affair. For a similar crunchy fried appetizer, try scallion pancakes, delicious fried flat bread loaded with chopped scallions. Instead of General Tsao's chicken, order Peking duck: Pair it with some scallions, cucumbers, and hoisin sauce, and wrap it in a pancake for the traditional Peking duck dining experience. Instead of beef with broccoli, order yu xiang rou si shredded pork in hot garlic sauce: Yu Xiang Rou Si. There is no broccoli at least not the western version in China, and Chinese people generally don't eat much beef. In this spicy and flavorful Sichuan dish, the pork is usually sauteed with vegetables such as mushrooms and peppers. Instead of sesame chicken, order la zi ji chicken with chillies: It's got the same crunch as the Chinese-American version, but with a lot more flavor. Instead of lo mein, order zha jiang mian: It's usually a heavy, greasy, and flavorless dish. Zha jiang mian is a much more flavorful, authentic Chinese noodle dish topped with delicious stir-fried pork and zhajiang fermented soybean paste. Instead of wonton soup, try shrimp dumpling soup: Hong Kong is famous for its noodle soups, and the shrimp dumpling soup is far superior to the American version. The shrimp dumpling has a much more delicate shell, the broth has a fragrant wonton flavor, and the soup is filled with fresh noodles. Instead of fortune cookies, order oranges: Most popular chinese takeaway meals

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  1. Hong Kong is famous for its noodle soups, and the shrimp dumpling soup is far superior to the American version.

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