How to find if a boy likes you. 9 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You By His Body Language.

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How to find if a boy likes you

Would you like to merge this question into it? MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? MERGE exists and is an alternate of. Ask him why he does it. Offer to help him buy clothes or to have his own so he quits stealing yours or your daughters'. If he is embarrassed and doesn't really want to discuss it, it is probably a sexual thing that he would prefer to keep private, and at least he knows that you are willing to discuss it if necessary. If he is nonchalant or professes to enjoy the feeling of the fabric and such, then it is also a non-issue. He simply likes how the under-things feel, and it is unlikely to be associated with a sexual obsession if he discusses it openly in this manner. This is the easiest way out. If he embraces the idea, wants to dress entirely and prefers being and acting like a girl, perhaps it is time to get a gender-issues professional involved to decide how to best proceed. Whatever you do, don't put distance between yourself and him or make him feel like he has done something wrong. Wanting to wear nice feeling fabrics, or wanting to dress entirely, is not something that any amount of punishment, the silent treatment, or Bible passages will cure. He will just feel guilty and despondent in private and learn not to go to you when he encounters other more important issues like sex or drugs. I learned not to confide in my parents because of their judgment over this issue and had to go-it-alone in some difficult young-adult situations as a result. In perspective, it is harmless. He just needs to keep in mind that not everyone is as open minded as you, and thus he should avoid making choices in this area that lead to difficult situations. Such as wearing girls' clothes outside or to school could get him beat up. Yes, it's unjust, but stuff happens. If his father would not understand, you can be his secret agent, covering for him in a tight spot and offering to "get away" to go shopping. He will absolutely love you for it. Here are more comments and shared experiences: Don't panic and assume you have a budding transvestite or gay child. Although that's not a bad thing, just a bit of a shock to ones system. The majority of young children like to dress up as the opposite sex. It's not unusual for a boy to want to wear moms' or sisters' "stuff. During my growing up years I would do it when ever I got the chance. During my first marriage I did it when ever my wife was gone. I would dress up as sexy as I could from panties, bra, to wearing make-up. When I got married the 2nd time my wife had her thoughts, when she asked I told yes I love dressing up as a woman. She has helped me during our 14 years of marriage. I am a straight male who just loves dressing up as a woman. So what is wrong with it? My son also wanted to dress up in girls clothing and his sister dressed him up as well. When he reached age 5, I told him that it was not appropriate for him to wear girls clothing. I was not angry, and I did not shame him, I told him matter of fact. I believe that we are responsible as parents to guide our children to behave the way God intended. It depends on the child's age. If you have an 8 year old then I would sit down and talk to them. But if your child is 5 or around that age then don't worry. My cousin pretends he has a bra. He's only three and it's unlikely he has a sexual fetish at that age. I dressed up like a boy when I was little some times. Its just apart of playing. Allow him to wear girl's clothing. Maybe even encourage him to. If girl's can dress like boys, there's no reason why boys can't dress like girls. Let him have his fun. My son dresses up with his sisters frequently. He's 9 now and has been having fun with dressing up since he was four. No big deal, just kid fun. I think you need to be very cautious as far as age and what they like to wear and why! I was allowed to dress up from age 4 or so and could do so as often as I wanted to. At age 8, I was still wearing sisters or moms older clothing. Then my Mother died and my Grandmother came into the scene and when she discovered my hobby she took me to the store and let me pick out my own clothing and lingerie. By age 13 I was dressing on a daily basis wearing nylon panties and a bra with false breasts, a nylon full slip, nylon stockings with a garter-belt if I wanted instead of pantyhose, little heels and feminine dresses with make-up and girl cut hair style. My first sexual experience was while I was wearing very sexy silky panties, a petticoat and square dance dress I remember the material of the petticoat against my nylon covered legs and panties so sexy that I got an erection and had my first orgasm and have been using my lingerie for this purpose ever since. Now at 27 I live as a female and am sexually aroused every minute of my life and bring 5 to 6 pairs of panties in my purse to work because I will soil them while at work. I go to the ladies room and satisfy myself all day long. It is a curse and I cannot stop. So please consider this when letting little boys dress up. You women do not understand the addition of silky nylon against us and the sexual arousal that results from that silky material against our private parts. Like Lauren, I was "imprinted". My parents had a business that required them to be away from home, from Friday p. Until Mon about noon. I had a chance to be "sat" with by a neighbor. She very quickly told me I was going to be her "imprinting" experiment. She dressed me as a girl as soon as I came in, and I remained so until it was time to leave. I had several climaxes dressed this way. It was my introduction. I have no regrets. I wouldn't worry about it. My son loved to wear his sister's clothes and wanted me to curl his hair. We had lots of fun. He's 10 now and I could never get him in a dress! I would let him know that you love him and by all means, let him enjoy his life! Get information on the subject of Cross Dressing and study it yourself. Be prepared to help him handle this other side of his personality with discretion. These may be the happiest years of his life. He can learn to manage his life to include everything he loves and expects from it. The "phase" may pass, but I would caution you that it may not also. My mom caught me at 15 wearing my sister's pantyhose. She didn't talk about it but she started buying me boys bikinis especially ones that looked like panties. She also started putting my sister's panties in with my bikinis after laundering. Don't worry about it. My son has enjoyed dressing up with his sisters since he was 4. He's 10 now and he loves wearing dresses. He often wears dresses around the house and will sometimes go out to dinner or a movie or other activities in a dress. I have no problem with it; he can wear want he chooses. I have no idea if he gets any kind of sexual pleasure out of wearing girl's clothes and quite frankly, I don't care; that's his business not mine. If he ever wants to talk to me about it then my door is wide open. All 3 of my kids know that they can talk to me about anything at anytime. My son is still a boy and loves to play soccer and football with his friends. Some of his friends come over and play dress up with him and we have two or three 'cross-dressed' little boys running around the house and yard. It's no big deal, they're just having fun. I really don't understand this trip about 'boys don't wear dresses'. I say let boys wear what ever they want. My son is happy and healthy and that's what I care about most. How to find if a boy likes you

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  1. Once the diaper is on Mommie Caroline puts on pink mitts on your hands so you stay out of trouble but it doesn't stop you from rubbing the front of your diaper because you are so aroused!

  2. He will enjoy the sexy silky feel of panties and slips against his private parts and will totally get aroused so let him have a good time. I explained that if this is what he liked, then this is what he should do, as long as he understood that going public with it could be troublesome.

  3. He likes you more than a friend. Because you no longer have a complete thought, you no longer have a main clause. I am like his personal diary.

  4. These topics are all things people are usually pretty guarded about. Watch How He Feels About Body Contact Touching someone else and being touched is a super important way of gauging how interested and how intimate he wants to be with you — and a great way to figure out how he feels is to watch how he reacts to touching you and being touched by you.

  5. On the other hand, do they always avoid looking at you, no matter what? She's got baby booties, a bib and makes you drink milk out of a oversized huge baby bottle. If they do, that could be a sign of nervousness.

  6. These individuals are diagnosed as having a "Gender Identity Disorder," and are quite different from cross-dressers. I was around 11 yrs old when I first asked my mother why I had to wear plain cotton pajamas while she wore these great looking and feeling nighties and pj's.

  7. His Smile If he smiles at you lot, it could be another positive sign that he likes you. Even with small things, they'll always be there to help out with your problems especially if you ask.

  8. They both burst out laughing in disbelief and they look inside your house. Study their reactions to your presence——do they smile? Hot wife to diaper punishment time!

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