Hairstyles thick straight hair men. 26 Fool-Proof Hairstyles for Straight Hair.

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Hairstyles thick straight hair men

Ford Models Slight layering and a full fringe take this straight hair to the next level. The bob is a classic, effortlessly chic style that can be worn in many different lengths and angles. I like this cut because it is timeless, but can always look fresh for the season by changing the details such as length, angle and fringe. My favorite thing about this particular cut is the strong confident feeling it gave my client after taking we took her extensions out! It was fun to see that we could make her feel beautiful with both short and long hair. What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look? I recommend Oribe Brilliance and Shine conditioner to keep the hair sleek and shiny. I used four pumps of Oribe Feather Balm followed by one pump of Oribe Imperial Blowout on wet hair, then did a blowout with minimal volume. I like this combination of product because it gives ultimate control of the hair without making it stiff and wig-like. The hair has a ton of natural swing and movement without being flyaway. I Like Free Styler because it gives a natural finish to the hair and is able to restyle easily. What type of client would you recommend this look for? I recommend this look for any client who has fine to medium hair. Thick haired clients can also wear this look, but I would recommend other products to get the same finish. Also keep in mind that thick hair will need to be cut more frequently than finer hair types. This hairstyle can be worn on many face shapes depending on the length around the face. I would describe this look as pearly platinum chic. This rooty platinum blonde is really on-trend as well. Adding some dimension at the root gives that beautiful contrast and appeal to the color. It is also more low maintenance than a global blonde. My favorite thing about this style, beyond the beautiful length, is the shine that comes out when styled sleek and straight. This look is easy to recreate, but product and technique are key. Your base should start with the choice of shampoo, conditioner or masques needed for your hair type. For fine to medium textures, I would recommend Elixir Ultime shampoo and conditioner by Kerastase. Coarse hair needs more nourishment, so Discipline shampoo and masque would be perfect, and it also has humidity protection built in. With this look, you want to maintain that gorgeous volume while having a soft and luxurious shine on the ends. Start by prepping the hair with a smoothing cream, as well as a heat protectant. Use a body building mousse applied at the root and a light dose on ends to add volume and hold. Builder by Kevin Murphy. I follow that up with a drop of oil for shine and nourishment before and after I blow dry. I love Elixir Ultime from Kerastase! I blow dry using a large round brush. Make sure to get that beautiful volume by heating and cooling off each section. I roll each section on the base, then release and follow with a cold shot down the cuticle for optimal shine. You may use a flat iron to smooth the ends if needed. I finished this look with Shimmer. Shine from Kevin Murphy to enhance the brilliant color and add shine without weighing hair down. Clients best suited for the sleek and middle parted style would most likely be those with an oval, round or oblong face shape, but you can tweak to fit anyone! When achieving a sleek hairstyle though, you must think if it will fit your lifestyle. Say you have thick, curly and unruly hair. This look would not be easy for you accomplish every morning without hours of work. For those clients with thick, coarse hair, I would suggest booking a blowout with a stylist. For those with fine to medium textured hair, it is easier to do at home yourself and get through the hair in a timely manner. As for the color, this is a balayage babylight combination with a shadow root. This color is made for any blonde who wants to see more dimension while still having the impact of being platinum. My client comes in every eight to ten weeks for her root touch-up. We maintain the integrity of her hair using Olaplex treatments followed by Kerastase Fusio Dose treatments in the salon to keep the strength and beauty of hair when coloring and heat styling. Nourishing your hair with treatments and proper product will always make for more beautiful hair! I would describe this look as a precision cut that is voluminous and blunt. Usually I give my clients some layering for more volume, however there are some of my clients who get their added volume by removing all of the extremely fine hair at the bottom. Since this client has very fine hair, I used Redken Guts10 root lifter at her roots, and Redken Velvet Gelatin 07 for the ends before I the blow dry. After dring, I finished the ends with a tad bit of Redken Frizz Dismiss serum. I recommend this look for a client who has fine hair and wants a voluminous, fuller look. In that case, simply remove all the ends up to where their hair is the thickest. Most of the time when I do this my clients, they say it looks like I somehow gave them more hair! I would describe this haircut as an asymmetrical bowl bob. First, use a leave-in conditioner to soften the hair. To style, use a flat brush and wrap the hair around the head, following it with the blow dryer on low speed and low heat. Using low heat and speed will allow the cut to dry without redirecting the roots, which would distort the shape. After drying, add a bit of wax to define and control the clean lines and accentuate the shattered texture. This look would work best on straight to mildly wavy hair. Fine textures work best, but as you can see from the photo, the cut can be done on coarse hair as well although it is much more difficult to execute on that hair type! Longer faces will do better with this cut as the bangs will shorten the length of the face and the bowl side creates a wider silhouette. This cut is quick and easy to style, but it does need to be styled every day. I love this cut for its timeless look! The lob allows the client to not have to commit to the shortness of the classic bob, but have the same look. I think bobs and lobs are empowering looks that exude confidence, which is very sexy. My salon is a TIGI concept salon. For a cutting lotion, I applied Catwalk Hairista Cream leave-in conditioner. For the blow dry, I combed in Catwalk Blowout Balm. Afterward, Ismoothed out the style with more Blowout Balm. This cut looks great on most clients. She has medium to fine, straight textured hair, which is perfect for this cut! We took about ten inches off which made this cut extra fun. She had existing grown-out bangs that we cleaned up, leaving the corners longer. We kept it one length no layers to keep a strong baseline and make it look as thick as possible. I personalized with minimal point cutting around the baseline for a touch of softness. This look is a sleek look with a nice feature. The hair from the forehead and the sides are fixed with a tiny elastic band underneath the hair in the back. This gives volume in the back and a very nice shape from the side with a geometric feeling because of the lines and as a result of the straightness. This one is to be brushed out easily. This style is perfect for clients who like sleek looks and clean shapes. It works well with fine hair and gives an amazing look with less effort but much effect. It is ideal for oval and small face shapes. I would consider this look to be a modern shag. What I like most about it is that it has an edge to it. It makes a statement. To me, a woman who wears this look has confidence, power, a sense of style and strength. A little sass and a little rock and roll are my favorite things about this style. Depending on your hair type and texture, the upkeep and styling techniques are simple. The cut grows out well so as it gets longer, it takes on a slightly different style but still looks fresh. You can always run into your salon and ask your stylist for a bang trim if necessary. For wavy or slightly curly hair, you can use a straightening iron. Always use a heat protectant to protect your hair from ironing or blow dry styling. Finish off with a shine spray or pomade to add texture to the ends. This style works best for people who have straight hair with fine to medium thickness. It is great for oval, heart and round shaped faces as long as fringe is proportionately placed. I feel that whatever your lifestyle is, this style can work for you. Even if your occupation is a conservative one, you can pull up the back of your hair into a chignon and leave the front fringe out to give you a polished look with a sense of flair. Hairstyles thick straight hair men

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  1. Define a pixie undercut by creating a thin shave below it. Apply smoothing cream to the bottom half of damp hair and spritz your roots with a volumizing spray.

  2. This style is great for those wanting to soften harsh features, or for those with a narrow face. It looks great on oval, heart, or even round face shapes, and is perfect for someone seeking a trendy, modern style with flexibility and low maintenance. The long layers keep it from looking too busy for women who still want long hair, but want to keep it more conservative.

  3. This hair style can be more attractive by applying hair cream or gel which helps to straight the hairs for a long time.

  4. Tramline is a simple hair style in which lines and shapes are created and made by a technique with the help of electric trimmer. People are Swearing That Wasabi Can Give You Thicker, Fuller, Longer Hair Between the washing, the blow-drying lest you face three or more hours of air drying , and the endless detangling, the pursuit of perfect hair never ends. Bobby pins help secure everything in place, although a hair elastic might work, too.

  5. These long bang or strips of Curly hairstyles are little bit curly so they give more debonair look. Secure with another elastic. Short Length Haircut With Bangs Longer pixies can give you plenty of volume if you style them correctly.

  6. Leaving more length on top can be slightly more forgiving and extend the life of the haircut. I love the sharp, dramatic angle used to create this a-line bob. Pixie Bob with Golden Blonde Feathers Feathered cuts and feathered coloring techniques work wonders on pixies, as they really highlight the details, make your hairstyle dimensional and eye-catching.

  7. Above the ears and from the nape hairs are tapered and shorter than head hairs. The layers are quite short in this cut, which benefits thick hair types by removing excess weight and creating movement.

  8. Waterfall Braid Waterfall braids take a bit of practice, but the technique is relatively easy to learn. Simple and low-maintenance, Drake's hair usually consists of a buzz cut with a low or high fade on the sides and a line up at the hairline.

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