Girls hate nice guys. Do Guys Like Shy Girls and Find Them Attractive?.

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Girls hate nice guys

Comments on Parkour videos…. Not always, but most. Sexually charged online commentary mostly comes off as creepy and weird. Even in the parkour community which apparently is a surprise to some people? Say something nice about their movement, or say something bad about their movement, or offer suggestions on what could have been better, or tell them you liked the video. Hurray for equality and friendship and stuff! Want to know why? Imagine how awesome it feels to progress at something you love. Getting better at parkour or anything for that matter is pretty sweet! So think of how great it must feel to have someone come up to you after an awesome session, ignore the fact you hit a bunch of new challenges, and suggest you train with a complete beginner. Then say some other stuff to subtly hint that you two are at the same skill level. Do you even jump bruh?! But the first step to solving a problem is recognizing you have one. What could possibly be bad about inviting the girls in your community to come train? There are tons of cool things guys and girls of all skill levels can work on together. Get creative and find some challenges you can all try. So basically, it sucks. And second, you are completely capable of teaching her. Stop making it my job to get her involved just because I am also a woman. While getting your girlfriend involved in parkour is undoubtedly awesome, treating the female parkour community like a weird adult babysitting club is not. So if you plan on bringing your girlfriend to the next jam, be prepared to actually spend time with her and help her learn stuff. But racial jokes are still ok, right? There have been entire discussions on this topic in a giant parkour group on fb with lots of male AND female members. Having an opinion on who you find attractive or unattractive in the community is fine. So please, just think before you say or post things and realize that what you say has the ability to effect other people. This is pre-K stuff. And for that matter, so is… 1. Do You Need Some Help? Sometimes people like to just try things on their own. One of my awesome traceuse friends put it best: But if there is a girl, guys feel quite free to come up and give their unsolicited opinions. I was going to fucking do this precision. And please do it in a not-sketchy way. Then go do your own thing. If she wants more help she can ask for it. That way everyone will get to train! You should strive to be this guy in all jam-related situations. Long story short, it can be tough to be a lady in a sport that right now is heavily dominated by lots of hormonally-charged teenage boys. Girls hate nice guys

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