Dating a comic book nerd. 10 Reasons Why Nerdy Guys Make Better Boyfriends.

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Dating a comic book nerd

They are probably also Hollywood Dateless , and the social ineptitude may only be an Informed Flaw. They may even shoot straight into Hot Scientist or Hot Librarian territory without help from their smarts to pull it off. May be involved in an Ugly Duckling Beautiful All Along story if they do get paired off with someone. See also Geek , Nerd. For Real Life version, see One of Us. The Meganekko is the common anime equivalent. See also Nerds Are Sexy , in which the nerdiness is what makes someone attractive, and Adorkable , which is when the nerdiness makes someone cute. Either that, or they walked to the Calvin Klein ad afterwards. Another ad actually lampshades this. It's for a laptop, and the many options for the product are symbolized by an array of "nerds" in action figure casing in the wall of the store. A teenage boy and his mom go into the store, and while his mom is interested in a sensible one, who does the boy go for? The super hot nerd girl. Yui and Chiriko from Fushigi Yuugi are both bigtime bookworms. But they're both adorable-looking Yui even had long hair once upon a time, but cut it short because the boys just kept coming her way. Uryuu is the top academic performer in his year group, the joint best sewer with Orihime in the Handicraft's Club, and also very much the class loner. Until he develops an incurable case of Fire-Forged Friends with Ichigo, whereupon he attempts to nurture an Aloof Ally image that utterly fails since everyone knows he and Ichigo are really Vitriolic Best Buds. This is completely averted with his father, Ryuuken, however, who is not only intelligent enough to keep up with the story's acknowledged genius, Urahara, but was also the school heartthrob when he was a teenager. Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate. Highly talented researcher who invented the time travel theory before she was even an adult, known to be on 2chan and can keep with Okabe and Daru with ease. Also, a complete knockout. Without the clunky glasses it's found she's quite cute. Kotetsu claims in the Hero Gossip Book that he fell for her hard and fast. Played with in the case of Barnaby from the same series. Word of God has it that he shows several tendencies leaning towards nerdiness which his eccentric behaviour, the fact that he wears glasses, usually prefers to be alone, and was top student at his school seem to attest to. In-series he has a huge number of fangirls , but Nerds Are Sexy is averted because they're only interested in his good looks and charming facade. But, when he's forced to, he can win the hearts of real girls with minimal effort. He thinks he's simply playing the real world like a video game, but his conspicuous handsomeness and confidence are big assets, too. Satsuki Shishio, the protagonist's teacher in Hirunaka no Ryuusei , a history geek and a fan of shoujo manga who is also incredibly handsome. She was a skinny little computer nerd who was jealous of the older X-Women's looks and even needed glasses at one point, though she still had her share of admirers. Moreso in real life than the comics, in fact: However, as her attractiveness increased, references to her brains shrank in number She's something in comics these days, and her genius-level computer skills can't even hack The Beast's computers. Not to mention, very few modern day adaptations even make reference to her geniusness. The X-Men films didn't even refer to it, and X-Men: Evolution it was only hinted at, in a manner that when it did crop up, some viewers were confused as to how she was suddenly so smart. Kyle Rayner of the Green Lantern. Self-professed manga-nut who looks like a movie-star, and it shows in his constructs. Captain America is an Ascended Fanboy who loved comics and art when he was younger, and prior to the war he worked as a Promoted Fanboy , drawing and writing comics for a living. He also tends to play Mr. Fanservice at times, being that he's, you know, Captain America. Though, this case is justified in that he underwent a scientific procedure that transformed him into an Adonis. While Tony is an intentional case; he's a guy who grew up to make millions off of his genius and has been a major celebrity since he was a child, but Peter and Henry Pym, they're more unintentional. As almost everyone in comics tend to be pretty, especially with modern day art styles, Peter and Hank once upon a time did look like more stereotypical geeks, only to evolve into being Peter especially is now often referred to as handsome and boyish. Averted, oddly enough, in the Steve Ditko original, where Peter looked more like a stereotypical nerd. The artist who came after him even said that one of the problems with his own rendition was that Peter Parker was far too traditionally attractive. John Romita the aforementioned artist who came after Ditko, and the man responsible for the way Spider-Man comics looked from the mid's until Todd McFarlane's time started as a romance artist for DC, so he was adept at drawing good looking people. Just look at Mary Jane. Ironically, this is one of the few instances where it could be completely justified. When Peter Parker was first shown, he was a mid-to-late teenager in high school, getting ready to step up to college soon. Later on when he was looking better, he was already in or graduated from college. He's just a late bloomer, and puberty hit hard after that radioactive-spider-bite. Bobbi Morse alias Mockingbird tends to avoid this, as like Kitty Pryde, her status as a science major is almost never brought up, more focus is put on the fact she's a Badass Normal and Deadpan Snarker. Some writers, especially ones who're fans of her, such as Jim McCann and Nick Spencer, do remember this, and like to bring it up. Clark Kent is seen as the naive rube in the big city who Lois Lane wouldn't give the time of day. However, the moment he's out of his suit and glasses he's suddenly a 6'4", lb chiseled specimen of masculinity. This does lead to the logical problem that, however nervous and clumsy Clark acts, he's still a 6'4" hunk. While Clark's nerdiness was emphasised through The Golden Age of Comic Books and The Silver Age of Comic Books , this has been alternately averted, subverted, and lampshaded in more modern comics, where Clark Kent is much less "bumbler" and more "former high school football star who actually stayed in shape" and also manages to portray a less milquetoast personality, to boot. However, he's still considered nerdy, but nerdiness just isn't seen as negatively today as it once was. Also justified in that Clark Kent, who is Superman's natural persona, actually is a nerd Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely paint a rather nice picture of Clark Kent as a huge, clumsy, hunched over farmboy that even Lex Luthor spoke positively about. Averted, albiet slightly, by Christopher Reeves' portrayal. The bulky glasses and unflattering hairstyle in addition to drawing attention away from his facial features , make the otherwise-handsome Reeve look fairly ordinary and dorky. This coupled with Reeves' stammering, milquetoast attitude do a decent job making Clark Kent into an easily-forgettable, unattractive wuss. It's joked that to make the Clark Kent disguise work, Superman must be at least as good an actor as Christopher Reeve. Kate Kane, the second Batwoman , is a lifelong fan of horror movies. Electro scoffs at the disguise and asks how anyone is supposed to buy someone as hot as Black Cat as a "nerd-girl. One, I've got the smarty glasses. Films Animation Belle from Beauty and the Beast is viewed as "odd" by the other townspeople because she's a woman who likes to read. That doesn't stop her from being the most beautiful girl in her village. Tadashi Hamada from Big Hero 6. While he looks like a male model and he can be described as every girl's wet dream , he's a huge dork who's skilled with robotics. Honey is a chemist, GoGo studies mechanical engineering, and Wasabi studies physics. All three of them go to school at a highly prestigious science academy and all three are very conventionally attractive. Films Live Action A majority of the cast of Every character in Antitrust , with the possible exception of the very cute Rachael Leigh Cook who is The Mole and presumably deliberately chosen as someone the hero would fall for. Hackers stars Angelina Jolie, for crying out loud. Although her makeup was awful. And super-hot Jonny Lee Miller! The part of Severus Snape, played by Alan Rickman , also suffers. In the books, Snape is supposed to be a greasy, unpleasant, hook-nosed recluse who spends most of his time in a lightless dungeon. He is often compared unfavorably to a bat, and it is revealed that in his childhood he was beaten up and picked on near constantly for his unwashed hair and ugliness. Alan Rickman can't help being a gorgeous man. This is only slightly helped by the fact that Snape is supposed to be in his late thirties and Alan Rickman is well over Also this was after first choice Tim Roth turned it down. In the " Pottersville " sequence of It's a Wonderful Life , Mary Hatch is shown to be a "mousy" spinster librarian in glasses and dowdy clothing. Still, she's played by Donna Reed. The bumbling, though, could be considered an informed disability ; she's shown being clumsy early on, then never again. He even gets away with attending that royal ball he's testing Eliza Doolittle with, and while he might not have been super-refined, he wasn't kicked out early, either. Again, this likely has to do with the casting of Rex "Sexy Rexy" Harrison, who was married six times. Sandra Bullock 's character in The Net. Swordfish features Hugh Jackman as a top computer programmer. The guy he's replacing isn't bad either. It also helped that she got real work done, her teeth were awful and hair horribly bushy, it took a lot of money for her to become Sandra Bullock. This was sent-up in Not Another Teen Movie in which the jocks discuss who the target of the makeover should be. After highlighting some obvious freaks, they come upon the heroine. The lead jock expresses his disgust by pointing out the girl's ponytail and glasses! And she had paint on her jeans! Dating a comic book nerd

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  6. Ask around, and see where they are. Sam in Game of Thrones is a medieval version of a nerd:

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