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Royal Princess Baby Shower Ideas 2017, Part 1

Cute baby girl baby shower ideas

July 21, Baby Shower Ideas Find unique baby shower ideas with the latest trends in cakes, gifts, decorations, invitations, games and favors. Our complete guide includes all you will ever need to throw an unforgettable party for your guests. We have collected the most up-to-date ideas, based on fashionable styles that are going to be popular in If you are planning a baby shower in , this is your go-to guide to have the party of your life. These unique baby shower ideas will give you a great perspective into what the future of baby shower looks like. Unique Baby Shower Ideas Ivnitations Kick off your baby shower by inviting your guests with style. Use some of the best baby shower invitations that will make the best first impression to your friends. Take for example the following pink invitation, ideal for a girl baby shower. Nautical baby shower themes are going to be very popular in Notice that the invitation opens naturally like a flower, with each side having a slightly different color variation of aqua green. Cakes Baby shower cakes are in most cases the center piece of the party. Thus, they need to be unique and cool, attracting your guests attention while being totally yummy! A cool baby shower cake that has the ultra sound of the baby: Cute mini baby shower cakes that come in different colors, with loads of animals such as frogs, elephants and birds. They can also have various letters on top in order to make the name of the baby if iyou already know it! So is the classic jungle theme. One of the most unique baby shower ideas is to combine these two concepts into an amazing result. See for yourself how it will look like: Unique baby shower ideas for babies named Jacob one of the most popular baby names in US! You can see the color that characterizes the famous luxury products. An elegant choice for an upper class baby shower. The top of the cake is decorated by a vintage trolley with stripes and dots. Another awesome baby shower cake that will surprise your guests. Fantastic choice of layers and delicious taste. Yet another pink baby shower cake that will be trendy in Looking for something different? Check out these cake pops as baby rattles. If you are struggling with what to write in the invitation, you should read our complete guide with all the baby shower invitations wording tips you will ever need. There is no party without food and drink. You have to make sure that they get the best finger food and cool drinks to satisfy their appetite. It will make your day and everyone will appreciate the effort. Inspirational quotes like that are always welcome by people who need to get motivated. If you are on a budget, then you will need to be a bit smarter. Extra bonus if you add a few blue berries on top. Cut a green and a red pepper and fill it with the dip of your choice. Make sure you have prepared enough tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and any other vegetable you have in mind to compliment the finger food. Your vegetarian guests will love it! You can use baby food jars and fill them up with candies or whatever you want. Themes The most unique baby shower ideas are the ones that have a specific theme for the party. Here are some amazing examples of what you can do to match the decor, the cake, the centerpiece, the baby shower favors, the gifts, or even the invitations. A Mickey inspired theme by Disney will be one of the coolest unique baby shower ideas Are you a fan of super heroes? Do you know well enough your guests to guess that they are going to love unique baby shower ideas that have a super hero themed party? Then check out the following picture to get inspired! The following collage of pictures will reveal one of the most unique baby shower ideas , for a baby girl called Jennifer. A perfect pink baby shower theme is what you need if you are expecting a baby girl. If you get it right, your baby shower will look gorgeous. For example, if you are having your baby shower in April, and expecting the baby in May, you can base the entire baby shower theme around those 2 months. Just have a look on the lovely example below. Using two colors as the base of your baby shower theme is also going to be a huge trend in See below how you can match the baby shower cake, the desert, the cupcakes and other beautiful baby shower decorations. Aqua decorations are going to be one of the most unique baby shower ideas as the color is fashionable like never before. More and more celebrities choose it when it comes to parties. Check it out below: Mason is another super popular baby names in US. Parents seem to love it. And speaking about parents, you should also think about the future mom. Use the following chic pink mason to fill it with advice, thoughts and hints for her. She will deeply appreciate the hints, especially if she is a young mom who is having her first child. This is quite practical as well, because new parents can use the supplies for the first baths of the baby, saving some money on essentials. Part of the baby shower decorations is the guest book. Baby Announcements Before you even start thinking about your baby shower, you might want to consider having a cool baby announcement. For example, see how this family has used their first baby in a picture to announce baby no. You can use the third board found below of the table to announce the date of the baby shower party. Games You put a lot of energy in preparing a lot of stuff for your baby shower. The following game is pretty easy. Tell your friends to write down something funny, it will be hillarious in the end. My all time favorite is: You have to buy some diapers and some pens. The funniest message wins! The one that flies the kite the longest distance wins a symbolic prize! The following game is super fun. If they are caught, they will have to give it back. The winner is the one who gets the most bowties, usually with presented with a gift. Centerpieces A critical part of your baby shower is the centerpiece. Every one will notice, so make it count! Use balloons with a funky monkey theme and create a girly theme for your party: The overall outcome is fantastic and we think your guests are going to fall in love with it! Did you like our unique baby shower ideas ? Leave us a comment using the form below and let us know what you think! Cute baby girl baby shower ideas

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  1. Budget friendly- If you have a limited budget, a free printable invitation can help you stretch your hosting dollars to cover everything that counts. I absolutely love this one!

  2. We're tickled pink and proud to say, Baby name is on her way! And speaking about parents, you should also think about the future mom.

  3. Use balloons with a funky monkey theme and create a girly theme for your party: Remember that the sky is the limit here!

  4. Budget friendly- If you have a limited budget, a free printable invitation can help you stretch your hosting dollars to cover everything that counts. Her mommy needs a special day. Just pick your favorite design and download it to your computer.

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