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Just finding out her birth date was a difficult task. What follows is what I have gathered from the above sources. She spent the first decade of her life in Luzerne. A hardworking student she never got a grade below 95 , her burning ambition at 10 years old was to be a pediatrician. But only a year later, at the age of 11, she had become a full-time professional fashion model living in New York City. There she was hired by a local store called The Boston Store to model some of its clothing, usually doing back-to-school ads. But after her family moved to New York City, her early dabbling in modeling was suddenly transformed into a serious career. A family friend suggested she try modeling, and so Colleen just walked uninvited into the Ford Modeling Agency, where she was immediately accepted. An alternate version recounts how one year Colleen had been spending the summer in New York City with family friends. There she met, and became fascinated by, a fashion model who was living in the same building. The result was that the family moved to New York precisely so Colleen could pursue a career as a model! That same summer she also gained a non-speaking part in a made-for-TV remake of The Bells of Saint Mary, playing one of the students. The film was released on October 27 of that year. She even claimed to have become an editorial model for Seventeen magazine by the end of that first summer, quite an achievement for someone who had just turned I personally have never had access to any magazines of that year except for The American Girl, the Girl Scout magazine, and Colleen does not appear at all in that magazine, not even in ads, until the middle of ! Then again, perhaps this was merely done at the suggestion of Eileen Ford. Colleen did become a very busy model once her career took off, however. In fact her extreme work load often left her little or no time for social activities, and most of her school work was done by mail she even missed her graduation. As a result, she rarely dated. Her peak years as a model appear to have begun with That year she signed a multi-year movie contract with Universal Studios. It was a contract with yearly options, but Colleen was only paid for two movies: In a recent interview, however, Colleen claimed that she was never really interested in acting as a career, and that taking acting lessons was a requirement for a model since models are often used in TV commercials. But during the Sixties, she was often quoted as being very enthusiastic about becoming an actress, seeing it as the next logical step in her career, and in fact many successful actresses did start out as models. During these years, the teen magazines were also noticing Colleen. They often wrote about popular fashion models, and in , articles about Colleen began to appear in 'Teen magazine. There was even a UPI bulletin about her that year. It is the earliest mention of her movie contract and the only time during her modeling career that Colleen indicates no interest in an acting career. The magazine articles would continue into and , the years of her greatest popularity. That was the year her first Seventeen cover appeared. Almost all of her many female fans know her from Seventeen magazine. Colleen would appear four more times on the cover of Seventeen in , and throughout the Sixties she garnered a total of 15 Seventeen covers. She was also a familiar face in TV commercials, including a late-Sixties Cover Girl commercial that featured her by name. Though she is primarily remembered as a teenage Sixties model, her career actually extended to the end of the s. By the early Seventies, however, Colleen was no longer being presented to a teen audience, having apparently grown too old to appeal to that demographic. Her last appearance as an editorial model for Seventeen magazine was in , when she was I am certain, however, that Colleen did appear quite frequently in the catalogs of retail chains like Sears and JCPenney throughout the Sixties and Seventies. Unlike the more glamorous and enjoyable magazine shoots, catalog photography was more of a job, but that is where the big money was made. Not only was the pay per hour higher but the hours of work were long and steady. Catalog work was extremely lucrative and Colleen did a lot of it throughout her career. In the late Seventies, Colleen's age was starting to become a hindrance to her career. Most models must give up their careers by the time they reach Colleen turned 30 in , but continued on for a few more years, finally quitting in when she married businessman Peter Bernuth. But after the birth of her first child in , she decided to try modeling again. Colleen Corby was one of the all-time favorite Seventeen models. Starting her career at a very young age, posing for American Girl, The Girl Scout magazine, Co-ed, 'Teen, Ingenue, she was already an experienced model by age 16 when she first appeared on the cover of Seventeen in April The editors for all teenage oriented magazines knew they had a hot property in Colleen Corby. And what a young beauty she was. She had that amazing dewiness, the perfect glowing skin, hair and innocent on-camera movement that gradually became more stylized as this young model grew into herself and her signature look. Colleen loved working with the camera and the camera simply loved her. She knew exactly where her best light was and always played to that. She was one of the first young models who capitalized on the sultry look while retaining that innocent sweetness in the same breath, a la junior Vogue. Cutesy young model poses were okay sometimes, but we were beginning to get beyond that, finally, and to have fun with it. There was a fairly small group of models who seemed always to be together in the ads and editorial pages shot for Seventeen, and those ads often also appeared in Mademoiselle and Glamour. This tight group worked so smoothly together, playing off one another, just like a band playing music, naturally finding the perfect harmonies. It was true creativity, and Colleen was often at center position, quietly commanding the position she loved. She was a great team player too, and was always ready to compliment the lead taken by a cohort. That synergy was what commanded the higher daily rates for ads that eventually came with that territory. The 60s was a magic era of modeling and the editorial pages of Seventeen were made for developing an almost decade-long following for its favorite models of the time. With her dark hair and piercing innocent eyes, Colleen was the perfect cover girl. She was a bit more petite than some of the other regular Seventeen models and yet had a boldness about her mixed with that unmistakable innocence, a very alluring combination of qualities that the Seventeen readership practically worshipped. She was a hero for a whole generation of 13 to 18 year old girls, and boys, and received a healthy-sized pile of fan mail on a monthly basis during her hottest years. The young readership would choose their favorite brunettes and favorite blonds, depending usually on their own coloring. Colleen moved to Miami with her husband in She has appeared only twice in a public venue since her retirement: Oprah has stated that during her teen years Colleen was her idol and the only model that she identified with. Here is his obituary as posted by Princeton University: Peter Bernuth Deceased Date: He lived in Coral Gables, Fla. A native of Long Island, Peter moved the company to Miami in Peter came to Princeton from Hotchkiss School, majored in English with a thesis on the poetry of George Herker and was a member of the swimming and lacrosse teams and belonged to Ivy Club. In the early s he was active in politics, running a congressional campaign for Ed Koch and then the New York office after Koch was elected. In Florida he was on the boards of his sons' schools, St. Stephen's Day School and Palmer Trinity. The Class of extends its condolences to his wife, Colleen; three sons, Alexander, Christopher C. Peter Bernuth was the only actor in the film. Molly became a top model in her own right but never quite reached the fame and popularity of her older sister. By her own admission, she was never really as "into" modeling as Colleen was. Robert only modeled for a short time. Molly and Colleen sometimes appeared together in the same ads and fashion layouts. Around , Colleen tried to start a business for herself and Molly. She opened two adjoining stores in, I believe, Manhattan. One sold clothing and the other sold accessories. Unfortunately, that business venture was not successful. She was, in fact, the senior warden there. Here is a write-up about Colleen from her church's website when she was still senior warden: Colleen Bernuth has been a member of St. She is currently Senior Warden of the Vestry. She is a long-time member of the Altar Guild and also serves as an Usher. She has volunteered at the Homeless Assistance Center and the St. She is a member of the ECW. Colleen also presents the St. And here is the most recent photo I have of Colleen. Corby girls

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  1. Not only was the pay per hour higher but the hours of work were long and steady. We are delighted to bring to you our Corby escort gallery, which as you can see is packed with a wide array of the most stunning escorts Corby has to offer you. The role got her Emmy awards in , , and

  2. However, it was television where she would receive the acclaim that had eluded her on the screen.

  3. Her mother died on September 9, , at the age of It is the earliest mention of her movie contract and the only time during her modeling career that Colleen indicates no interest in an acting career.

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