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Hanover Cemetery Information, Photos and Transcriptions Collecting information about the cemeteries of Hanover is an ongoing effort, and this page will be revised as needed. If you have cemetery information or gravestone transcriptions that you would like to share please send me email. Where I have been able to determine it, the records repository for a cemetery is indicated. In the entries for the individual cemeteries, if one has its own web site or a portion of a web site the cemetery name provides a link to that site. When the location of a cemetery is known there are links to street and topographic maps to help you find it, as well as notes about the cemetery and a brief description of its location. Below these paragraphs is a locator map of the town showing the cemetery locations. Any gravestone transcriptions online also have links. At the bottom of the page is a separate section listing all online, published and manuscript gravestone transcriptions that I have found for these cemeteries. When a cemetery has had more than one name during its history the first name listed is the one by which it is usually known today, and alternative names are listed in square brackets. In some cases a cemetery has been abandoned, its burials have been removed to another cemetery, or its location has been lost. In those cases the name may indicate that it is a cemetery site, meaning that no gravestones are to be found there. The year in parenthesis next to a cemetery name is my best estimate of the year in which that cemetery was established. In some cases the year is mentioned in town records, a town history or some other source. In other cases it is the year of the oldest gravestone for which I have found a record. A note on the Topographic Maps: In the past I have used links to online map servers to display topographic maps. That allowed visitors to zoom and pan those maps. However, changes to those online map servers have necessitated occasional revisions to my many cemetery pages, and on more than one occasion I have had to change the server used. This has meant a great deal of work as I have about fifty cemetery pages online or under construction. A change to the server which I have most recently used has prompted be to abandon the use of topographic map servers and to replace them with images of scanned maps. While this may not be quite as satisfactory to visitors my increasing genealogical work load has necessitated it. Assinippi ma

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